TULCA 2017 does not seek to promote or advocate the Atlantis commune

In our preparations for the 15th edition of TULCA Festival of Visual Art, we have been approached by a number of people with prior involvement in the commune that is referenced by the title and thematic approach of the ‘They Call Us The Screamers’ exhibition. While we were aware of the controversies that have been reported in the press and in other public commentaries, these personal reports of the commune have brought to light further distressing experiences that we were not previously aware of. While we maintain that the exhibition does not seek to promote or advocate the Atlantis commune, we acknowledge that news of the exhibition has nevertheless caused concern and anxiety to some former members that are still affected by their experiences.  We are sorry for any apparent insensitivity in our reference to the Atlantis commune and would like to reassure those concerned that the exhibition uses this reference to give way to themes that are relevant to recent artistic practice, such as ideas of anti-modernism, conditions of selfhood, and voice. It is these themes that serve as the primary focus of the exhibition, and not the story of Atlantis as has been falsely suggested in the press.

TULCA Board of Directors & Curator Matt Packer