TULCA continues its commitment to the educational aspect of the Festival through the development of its education programme T.Ed. T.Ed focuses on looking at and responding to visual art.  It is about reaching out and engaging with schools and the wider community to create an increased awareness and a shared understanding of the Visual Arts.  If we can learn about our past through the collections of a museum then so too can we begin to understand our present when we look at contemporary visual art.

The T.Ed programme offers free educational tours of the Festival for Primary, Post Primary and Third Level Institutions and is supported with an onsite Process Room. Last year over 1,000 students contributed to a dynamic conversation through the T.Ed tours.


Engaging directly with an exhibition ignites a sense of curiosity – questions of the who, what, when and why variety.  Artists invent their own visual language to communicate an idea, a thought, a fleeting moment, a question or a story.  The T.Ed tour for Primary Schools provides an opportunity for children to decipher these visual clues by guiding children through a process of slow looking, reflection and response.

Tours are offered in a relaxed and friendly child centered environment, sensitive to the varying learning needs of each age group.  Recommended for ages 8+.


The T.Ed tour for Post Primary schools provides an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation for contemporary visual art.  Guided through a series of questions and observation exercises, students will generate their own interpretation and understanding of the artworks in question.  Students are encouraged to forge links between the exhibition and their environment.

Designed to compliment the current Leaving Certificate Art Curriculum, additional topics for discussion include planning and curating an exhibition, the installation process, lighting techniques and presentation methods.  Recommended for Leaving Certificate and Transition Year students.


The T.Ed tour for Third Level combines an induction talk with a walkabout tour of multiple TULCA venues.  The induction is designed to enhance students viewing

experience by introducing the curatorial context and providing a framework for consideration throughout the walkabout tour.  Students will be provided with a suggested walking route that reflects the diversity of artists, disciplines and

locations unique to TULCA.  The walkabout tour itself is unguided.


All group visits, guided or unguided, must be booked in advance to optimise your Festival experience.  Groups arriving without pre-booking may be asked to wait or return at a later time.

During peak visiting hours, large groups may be requested to divide into smaller numbers.  Groups of children/under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by appropriate adult supervision.  TULCA operate a ratio of 1:12.

For bookings and for further enquiries please contact Education Coordinator Joanna McGlynn at 085 747 2906 or email education@tulcafestival.com