Make A Day Of It Tuesdays @ TULCA with My Fellow Sponges

TULCA Festival of Visual Arts is delighted to partner with Galway Public Libraries to bring the popular Make A Day Of It Tuesdays to the education programme for a fourth year running. This special day is designed to offer primary schools from County Galway a full day cultural excursion and a multi disciplinary approach to experiencing the festival.


Exploring voice and vocality through music improvisation will be the focus of this years workshop (60 mins) facilitated by the mighty musicians of My Fellow Sponges. My Fellow Sponges are Galway’s hottest independent band. For five years they have performed in Galway and beyond captivating audiences with their energetic live shows, dynamic musical performances and imaginative videos. Their sound incorporates elements of minimalism, folk, bossa and more recently synth-heavy electro.


Fresh from the return of their Polish Summer Tour, members David Shaughnessy (Drums), Sam Wright (Bass Guitar), Anna Mullarkey (Vocals, synths, piano) and Donal Mc Connon (Clarinet) promise to bring an eclectic energy to this year’s workshops in Galway City Library.  


Following this students will receive a guided tour (60 mins) of the exhibition in the Festival Gallery designed to complement the workshop experience.


Recommended for ages 8+   


Tuesday 7th & 14th November 2017  BOOKED OUT

Check out more from the band on their website: