12 Nov. Performance | Michelle Hannah

Date: Nov 12
Time: 2pm
Venue: Galway Arts Centre
Tickets: €FREE

OUTOFTHEBLU_ by Michelle Hannah – a durational work formed from a sung vocal performance over a composed synth soundtrack, based on a lyrical, collaged appropriation of the Roxy Music song Out of The Blue and a text by Giacomo Leopardi, ‘Dialogo della Moda e della Morte’ (‘A Dialogue between Fashion and Death’). A text that timely reveals the relationship between consumerism, morality and the deathly aesthetics of the pursuit of the ‘individual’. Presenting myself as a genderless presence all in white, I stand meditatively in the corner, wearing blue Calvin Klein make-up on my hands and feet, and blind frosted contact lenses, with my back to the viewer, enacting a ritual descent into the ‘dark matter of pop’.

A projection of a single blue 35mm slide is placed in an automatic projector which is projected through an empty Calvin Klein Eternity perfume bottle, distorting the light and glass of the ‘eternal’ fragrance with the colour of the blue slide; this is matched to the shade used by the British Conservative Party.

You are free to come and go during the performance