05 Nov. Performance | BLIND SPOT by TWO RUINS

Blind Spot by TWO RUINS

Date: November 5th
Time: 8pm Sharp
Venue: Huston School of Digital Media NUI Galway
Tickets: €FREE

“Flesh dissolved in an acid of light…”
‘X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes.’ dir: Roger Corman (1963)

In a Classic Citroen CX (the embodiment of an obsolescent utopian gesamtskunstwerk) the artists perform, within a lattice of neon tubing in the interior space of the vehicle. We want to invoke a sense of the uncanny through the conjunction of flesh and technology, the voyeuristic gaze of an audience and the libidinal conjunction of futures past as we take the viewer on a proprioceptive* journey through the body/car as stage set, as material and as sound.

Each performance will begin with an explosion of light as the neon-tubing is switched on by a timer and the ‘proximity oscillators’ we will be wearing will begin to create a soundscape as they interact with the neon. The performance will last exactly eight minutes† before plunging into darkness and the car will then move on to the next site.

* This alludes to the way our sensual bodies ‘extend’ themselves to include machines.
† The average amount of time it takes a British couple to have sex.