12 Nov. Public Talk | Angus Cameron

Date: Nov 12
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: The Mechanics Institute, Middle St
Tickets: €FREE - No Booking Required

Writer and lecturer Angus Cameron presents Capital City. All too often our understanding of the city lacks memory.  The frenetic, forward-looking, excitement of the city makes it easy to forget the antiquity and embeddedness of its practices.  Even if we accept that the city is always a palimpsest, it is the upper layers that catch the eye and provide the impetus for engagement.  This intervention will excavate the foundations of the ‘capital city’ – specifically the urban situation and disciplining of money, trade, metal, spatiality, spirituality and, above all, people that appear from the very start.  The capital(ist) city is both firmly historical and thoroughly trans-historical.  But it has a point of origin in a specific place, a specific time and a particular name – one that used to be synonymous with wealth and power: Potosí.

FREE – No Booking Required

Angus Cameron