Helena Hamilton

Untitled (With), fluorescent lights, motion sensors, programmable circuit boards, audio, 2016.

Motion sensors along the length of the lights will modify the audio output and amplify different harmonic frequencies, according to the viewer’s position. Please note that these changes build and decay quite gradually.

Helena Hamilton, born in Northern Ireland 1986, lives and works in Belfast.She is an artist who works both visually and sonically through a variety of media, including sound, live drawing, installation, performance, and interactive digital.

Currently Hamilton is focused on creating work at the intersection of interactive computer programming, visual art and sound. She programmes and builds software and hardware constructions that create physical and sonic immersive environments via interaction, exploring the physicality of the sonic within and around each device she hacks or adapts. These purpose-built programs exploit low-end frequencies as well as complex sonic textures generated through physical gestures, transforming these everyday objects into electroacoustic artefacts, whilst bringing the audience inside an immersive multi-sensorial environment.

She holds a BA Honours degree in Fine Art from the University of Ulster (2009) and received MA in Sonic Arts with distinction from Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast (2014). Since 2009 Hamilton has exhibited both nationally throughout Ireland and internationally with works shown in London, Italy, Berlin and New York. In 2015 she completed a 3 month residency within the Embodied Audio Visual Interaction Group at Goldsmiths, University of London and has recently been awarded a two month residency (Oct-Nov 2016) at Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan. Hamilton is represented by the Agency Gallery, London.


Helena Hamilton