Ciara O’Kelly

Ciara O’Kelly is an Irish visual artist currently living and working in New York. Her work takes the form of large scale video installations incorporating both digital and physical entities. Throughout her process, she meticulously examines the systematic generation of cyberspace whilst constructing each piece, aiming to critique our relationship to corporate bodies within a largely capitalist and digitised world. O’Kelly is particularly interested in the individual’s dual role as both a consumer and a product within the system of data capitalism and its free labour nature. She primarily uses 3D modelling programs to create virtual environments to stage videos within, whilst using these grounds to challenge the capabilities of digital forms through carefully curated physical encounters. O’Kelly graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2017 with a Joint BA in Fine Art Sculpture and Visual Culture. Following this, she was the recipient of the Digital Media Graduate Award at Fire Station Artists’ Studios and later received the

Young Artists’ Development Award from South Dublin County Council in 2018. O’Kelly will be commencing a ten-week residency in early 2019 at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Aspen, Colorado.